Our History

Grace United Methodist Church as a rich and unique history and has been rooted in Hastings since 1879.


1923: The Evangelical Association Church and the United Evangelical Church voted in Nebraska to become the Evangelical Church. In Hastings, this took place in 1931 and the church became Grace Evangelical Church.

1946: Locally, Grace Evangelical Church and Memorial United Brethren Church became Grace Evangelical Brethren Church in 1949. This is the church our now existing building was originally created for in 1959.

1968: Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church via National merger with the Methodist Church became the church we now know as Grace United Methodist Church.

The churches which became Grace United Methodist Church today: 

Emmanuel Evangelical Association: First church was on 2nd Street and Kansas Avenue and started with only 18 members in 1879.

Memorial United Brethren Church: This church was organized in March 1892 was 35 members and their first building was at 2nd and Minnesota, but by the third location at 6th and St. Joseph Ave that was dedicated in 1909 they had 78 members.

Grace United Evangelical Church: This church only had 5 members when it started in 1894 on the corner of 7th and Kansas Ave.